The more sport-oriented guests will find a red clay tennis courts, a 20 meters long open swimming pool, a volleyball court and a playground. It will also be possible to organise guided tours on mountain bike or horseback. Just a short distance from the Resort, there is a lake for sport fishing enthusiasts.

Food and Wine

An unusual wine cellar, enclosed in what was once called the “infernot”, will enable you to dedicate yourself to the pleasures of wine. A special place indeed to sample the fine and renowned Piedmontese wines, take a course in the art of wine-making under the guidance of the house sommelier, and purchase the traditional local products and specialities. The restaurant’s large kitchen will be used instead to provide cookery and pastry-making courses on dates yet to be established.


Located in Piemonte, Gabiano is a village in the very attractive Monferrato region. The hill-covered countryside with its Medieval castles and the picturesque Po river create a unique landscape where vineyards alternate with forests and fruit trees. Nature at its most spectacular and the Po River National Park provides the perfect opportunity for marvellous tours, both on foot and by bicycle.

Art and History

Art, history and architecture provide the curious tourist with a host of references. In Casale, in the heart of the region, you will be greeted by some of the finest Baroque palaces, the Romanesque Cathedral and a fine and large Medieval castle. In the bordering hills, one can appreciate several major castles such as Camino, San Giorgio and Gabiano, as well as beautifully picturesque villages surrounded by rolling hills and renowned for the production of fine wines. Asti, the “capital” of the Monferrato region, offers a fine Gothic Cathedral, Medieval monuments and the Palio, and one must not forget the small nearby towns such as Moncalvo, Nizza and Acqui Terme, all rich in art and history.

Traditions  and Festivals

Every season offers countless opportunities to sample the food and wine specialities of the Monferrato region: truffle fairs, flower fairs, wine, hazelnut and chocolate festivals which we will be only too glad to point out to you during your stay with us.


Ca’ Villa is a great starting point for excursions to the cities and centres of historical and cultural interest such as: Turin, Asti, Alba, Vignale, Casale Monferrato. For cycling enthusiasts it is also possible to reach the characteristic tourist destinations of Moncalvo, Camino, the Castle of Gabiano the Sanctuary of Crea and the River Po set within the National Park.
For further information: Regione Piemonte


Asti: Archaeological and Pale ontological museum
Turin: Egyptian Museum, the Royal Palace, Car Museum, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (GAM), Contemporary Art museum at the Castle of Rivoli, National Cinema Museum.

For further information: Regione Piemonte